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Bridesmaids- your best friends, your sisters and so much more! There are so many amazing gifts out there to celebrate them. The ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ gifts to on the day attire, personal keepsakes and thank you ‘s. How would you gift yours? I’ve picked out a few websites that I absolutely love which […]

My Favourite Bridesmaid Gifts

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Is it really worth it?  The answer is YES and I don’t say that because it’s my job, there genuinely are so many incredible benefits to having a wedding planner.  Wedding planners bring a level of knowledge to provide you with the best possible wedding planning service. This stems from the years of experience of […]


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Congratulations! Enjoy this moment together. I’ve put together a few of my top tips to help you start your wedding planning process.  Get the necessary conversations out of the way and set in stone as soon as you can. WHAT: What will your budget be? How much can you both honestly afford and how much […]

Recently Engaged? What’s next?

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A small wedding may just be the perfect type of wedding for you; following the last few months many people have realised how important it is to have their nearest and dearest at their wedding and that may just be all you now want! Intimate weddings can be budget friendly, a little simpler to plan […]

Intimate Wedding Advice

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Here, Jack Jahan from Ramsdens Jewellery explains what you need to know about men’s wedding ring styles, so you can choose the perfect piece to suit your needs. It’s incredibly important that you put plenty of thought and research into choosing your wedding ring. Not only will it hold a lot of sentimental value for […]

A guide to men’s wedding ring styles

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Back in March I had planned my first styled shoot which then got postponed a few times until we were finally able to go ahead and make my vision come to life. This shoot is aimed at couples with a vision for an elegant, pretty and stylish wedding celebration. With the gorgeous back drop off […]

Classic and stylish wedding inspiration

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Who to invite to your wedding is probably one of the hardest choices you will have to make during your wedding planning process. So I have noted a few tips to help you with making those tough decisions. Firstly how many people does your budget allow and how many people does your venue allow? Keep […]

Who gets an invite?

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In November 2019 I attended the wedding course of the year “Planning Redefined” hosted by the wonderful duo of Katrina Otter and Louise Perry.  The course took place at the incredible Mill Bridge Court in Surrey, which itself is a sought after wedding venue. Packed with all things wedding planning, with amazing teachers and guest […]

Becoming a Wedding Planner